CACHE CREEK OUTFITTERS offers FOUR drop camps, which are in the White River National Forest. We are located in Western Colorado, (GMU) 42. The area has diverse terrain consisting of: Gambles oak, aspen, sub alpine meadows, and high mountain lakes and dark spruce timber. This area has everything the Elk and Deer are looking for. This hunting area will range in elevation from 7,500 feet to above 10,000 feet. Upon arrival at the drop camp, hunters will be briefed by the guides on the hunting area and safety.

Cache Creek Outfitters understand that for you to have a successful and enjoyable Drop Camp experience we must provide comfort to you and quality game. To insure your comfort we provide:

One 12×14 or 14×16 cook tent with propane stove, work bench, table with chairs or benches, wood stove for heat, and propane lanterns. All dishes, pots, pans, cups, water buckets, axes, shovel and toilet are in camp. There is wood cut, and fuel oil for starting fires. All fuel for lights and stoves are furnished (even extra mantels for lanterns). The sleeping tent is 14×16 with cots and mattresses. You will also find the convenience of Hot Showers to insure Ultimate comfort after a hard day’s hunt. Our camps are always set when it is dry. All the hunter furnishes is a sleeping bag, rifle, archery, or muzzleloader, clothing, food and licenses.

We get you in and out of camp with all game packed from where you take it. In archery and muzzleloader and rifle season you will be in contact with Cache Creek staff via cell phone service or with 2 way radio’s. You, the hunter, have to be responsible for taking good care of your game. The animal will need to be skinned out, quartered and prepared for us to pack it out. We will place the meat in our cooling facility to insure quality meat care. If the animal is not skinned and quartered then you will be charged extra for these services. You have to keep a clean and orderly camp. When you leave, we ask that all dishes be washed and put away, trash picked up, and to leave some dry wood in camp.

Drop camps are intended for the clients who want to hunt on their own. Cache Creek Outfitters have located these camps in good Elk, Deer and Bear country. You will not be stuck out in an area that has no game. Please keep in mind that we do our best to put you in good areas with game and away from other hunters. Less than 4 men in a drop camp, we will negotiate on a price. We require a 50% deposit to confirm rates. Contract furnished upon booking. Personal gear should be limited to two duffel bags not to exceed 50 lbs. per duffel bag, and your food packed in boxes. Drop Camps are $1,500.00 per man with 4-man minimum. We check these camps daily by radio or cell phone.

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